Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 Tips For Selling Your Used Car | Car Buyer Atlanta

At some point  most everyone has a car that they will need to trade-in or sell.  Selling a used car can be a daunting experience, but there are things you can do to make the process easier.  Here are 3 tips for selling your old car:

1. Be upfront and prepared.  Have all your paperwork together, including warranties, maintenance records, and title.  Be upfront with any potential buyers about issues that you are having with your car.

2. Advertise your car in multiple places.  You want to be sure you are utilizing various types of media to advertise your used car. Social media, Craigslist, local bulletin boards, etc. 

3. Clean your car up and take lots of pictures. An image is absolutely worth a thousand words. Get your car fully detailed and take interior and exterior pictures from numerous angles and distances.

These tips can help you maximize your profit and sell your car more quickly.  Another great option for selling your used car is using a cash for cars company like ours.  Eliminating the hassles and headaches of selling your car yourself can be of great benefit to you.  We come to you and pay you top dollar for your car. Even if your used car is in poor condition we will buy it. We pay cash for junk cars in Atlanta. As a top Atlanta car buyer, we offer free quotes and same day junk car removal. Call us now!

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  1. I didn't know that you could get cash for your junk cars. My sister has a 15 year old car that she is trying to sell. The car isn't in drivable condition and she is worried about the hassle of trying to sell it. It seems like she should look into the option of selling it as a junk car.

  2. This is some really valuable information for anyone with a used or junk car. I can't tell you how many times I have been completely unprepared to try to sell a car, and ended up falling flat and missing out on a sale. I really like your point about advertising in multiple places; the more you can do to get people to see your car, the sooner it'll sell. Thanks so much for writing!

  3. I have a car that is just about to give up on me. It's about thirty years old and still in good condition. However, the engine and transmission is in bad shape. I want to try to scrap it for parts. Do you think I should run it by a junk yard, or keep to social media?

  4. Caboolture cash for car offers you the cash for cars and affordable second hand part shopping experience. Whether you want a spare car part or want to sell your junk car, you won’t be disappointed with us.