Monday, September 15, 2014

Tips for Selling A Wrecked Vehicle | Wrecked Car Buyer Atlanta

Been in an accident? If your car has been wrecked and you were uninsured or under insured, it can leave you in a difficult situation. You have a lot of decisions to make, including whether to fix or sell the vehicle. Sometimes repairs can be so costly it simply isn’t worth it to try and fix your car.  But all hope is not lost, you still have options.  If you decide that repairing your car isn’t worth it, selling it may be your best bet. Here are a few tips for selling a wrecked vehicle:

CLEAN THE CAR UP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Just because your car has damage doesn’t mean that you should not care about how it appears to potential buyers. You still want to make it as attractive as possible by cleaning up the interior & exterior and making minor repairs within reason.

FIND A REPUTABLE CASH FOR JUNK CARS COMPANY: Selling a wrecked car on your own can be difficult. Dealing with a reputable, local wrecked or junk car buyer can save you time, hassle and stress.

HAVE A REALISTIC SELLING PRICE: Even though your car still has value, you have to be realistic about how much it is worth in it’s current condition. 

We specialize in buying wrecked and junk cars in Atlanta. We always pay top dollar for your vehicle and offer free towing and same day pick up.  Call or text us today to sell your wrecked vehicle.

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